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We were contacted by En Sushi, a new company that was opening a Sushi Takeaway in Odense. En Sushi needed a website where their customers could pre-order sushi. We have designed them a mobile friendly website, with several specialized modules coded in a way that it would be easily modified even by an inexperienced users.

En Sushi Odense



We have designed the site for the customer in WordPress / WooCommerce. En Sushi wanted a plugin that would allow them to easily update closest pick-up. The smart thing about designing in WordPress is the opportunities to add special features. There are many thousands of plugins to extend the possibilities of the page, and those that are not available we custom code ourselves.


One of the essential elements that En Sushi required was a pickup time module. We therefore created a plugin that can be easily updated by themselves, so the time changes on the page depending on how many orders the kitchen has.

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  • Responsive design
  • WooCommerce webshop
  • Special plugins for pickup time and more.
  • Special codet plugin for printing on a small thermic printer.
En Sushi Logo

I am very happy for our new website, Kreate have made a super nice design. We’ve also got a lot of special features on the page as we wanted.

Jun, En Sushi